What you need to know

Should I use my TAMU account username and password to log into the website?

No. The TAMU GIS Day website is completely separate from the Howdy system. If you have never signed up before on the TAMU GIS Day website, you should create an account.

Are all of the TAMU GIS Day events free?

Yes. There is no cost to attend any of the TAMU GIS Day events.

I am not a TAMU student, faculty, or staff - can I come to TAMU GIS Day?

Yes. We strongly encourage members of the community, colleagues and students from other universities, people from industry, and folks from local, state, and federal agencies to attend.

I am not a TAMU student, faculty, or staff - are all the events really free?

Yes. Even if you are not a TAMU faculty, staff, or student, all TAMU GIS Day events are free.

Who is allowed to participate in the competitions? Students, Faculty, Staff, Non-TAMU people?

  • The presentation and poster competitions are only open to TAMU graduate and undergraduate students.
  • The mapping competition is open to everyone who would like to submit data, but only TAMU graduate and undergraduate students will be eligible to win.

How do I check-in using the GIS Day Website?

You can complete the check-in process for any event using the TAMU GIS Day website while that event is on-going. Follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account on the TAMU GIS Day Website.
  • Ensure that you are logged into your account on the TAMU GIS Day Website.
  • Find the event you are attending and click on it to open its details page.
  • While the event it underway, click on the Check-in button that is visible on the event details page. This will only work during the time period of the event.
  • There will be event volunteers in every session as well as TAMU GIS Day staff at the check-in tables outside of each session who can assist you with checking in if you need help.

How do I certify my attendance using the GIS Day Website?

You can certify your attendance at any of the TAMU GIS Day events using the TAMU GIS Day website. Follow these simple steps:

Is there a GIS Day App for Android or iOS?

There are no longer apps for TAMU GIS Day in the Google Play or Apple App stores. They are no longer needed, since all functions of the site work on mobile devices, including the check-in process and the data collection competition.

If you have previously installed a version of the TAMU GIS Day app for Android or iOS, you can safely uninstall it.

Additional Information

For any questions regarding the TAMU GIS Day, please email the GIS Day Committee