GIS Day, the annual worldwide salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and enhance lives, is going to be extra "spatial" this year in Aggieland, where the Texas A&M celebration, one of the world's largest, is expanding to encompass three event-packed days, Nov. 12-14.

Organizing Committee

GIS Day 2018 would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of a group of individuals sharing a deep passion and love for everything-GIS. We'd like to extend a very special thanks to everyone who has involved in the planning and the making of GIS Day.

Sierra Laddusaw

Chair, TAMU Libraries

Galen Newman

Co-Chair, TAMU Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Boah Kim

Co-Chair, TAMU Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Daniel Goldberg

Co-Chair, TAMU Geography

Andrew Klein

Co-Chair, TAMU Geography

Sasathorn Tapaneeyakul

Co-Chair, TAMU Ecosystems Science & Management

Eric Irwin

Co-Chair, TAMU Transportation

Chris Matus

Co-Chair, TAMU Facilities Coordination

Aaron Harmon

Mobile App Developer, TAMU GeoInnovation Service Center

Edgar Hernandez

Web Developer, TAMU GeoInnovation Service Center

Carria Collins

Co-Chair, TAMU Geography

Marilyn Yeager

Co-Chair, TAMU Career Center

David Retchless

Co-Chair, TAMU Galveston

Jay Kimrey

Co-Chair, TAMU Transportation

Community and Industry Partners

In addition to our sponsors and internal university deparments and programs, the GIS Day industry and community partners provide the wide-ranging GIS application examples employed in the real world.

Participating Texas A&M Organizations

GIS Day would not function without the combined academic support from a few dedicated group of Texas A&M's departments and organizations.